Qualification Testing Completed on 62 Inch Rideshare Adapter

Release Date 3-5-2012

Design Net Engineering LLC completes qualification testing on a 62 inch Rideshare Adapter for the Minotaur IV and Falcon 9 class launch vehicles.

The challenging economic climate, tight mission budgets, and increasing cost of launches have made maximizing the value of launch payloads a priority for government/commercial space missions. Additionally, the growing numbers of small satellites that do not require independent launch vehicles provide a unique opportunity to expand the number of space missions while reducing the costs.

To address the issues above, Design Net Engineering completed the design and qualification testing of a 62 inch Rideshare Adapter for the Minotaur IV and Falcon 9 class vehicles.

The Rideshare Adapter has the capability of carrying an Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) class payload with 6 12U auxiliary payloads or 3 NanoSat-Class Payloads with six 12U payloads. With Design Net’s Multiple Interface Payload Subsystem (MIPS) electronics package a complete Rideshare system is available for manifesting with a single interface to the Launch Vehicle. The MIPS interface significantly reduces the development/Integration time and cost of launching satellites as a secondary payload.

About Design Net Engineering – “A Leader in Responsive Space Technology”

Design Net Engineering was founded in 1996 with a focus on small spacecraft development, spacecraft avionics and Rideshare. The company provides cost affordable rapid responsive spacecraft avionics subsystems including power management and distribution subsystems and Command and Control subsystems.