Telemetry Module

Telemetry Module

Modular Processor for Space Applications

Building-Block Processing Tailorable to Missions Needs

The telemetry module processor can be used to flexibly configure the Multiple Interface Payload Subsystem (MIPS) to the launch vehicle interface. Available in 6U form factor, and with available extension boards for additional interface services, this flexible unit will be flown and qualified on an upcoming ORS mission. The unit is radiation hardened by design, qualified over a Mil temperature range and designed to envelope most launch vehicle requirements.  With VxWorks as its operating system and a BSP that supports a wide range of interfaces, it is ideal for the intermediate processing needs of Rideshare missions.

Basic Features
4 Serial ports configurable as synchronous or asynchronous

8 Digital outputs, 8Digital Inputs

6 Analog inputs (16 bit ADC)

2 Spacewire ports up to 100 MIPS

32 bit Rad Hard Processor Core, Latchup immune, 300krad

Hardware floating point processor and hardware MMU

16MB EEPROM, 64MB SDRAM (Max – .5GB)

EDAC capable memory controller

Single Latch Upset (SEU) to 37Mev-cm2/mg

Up to 66 MIPS

4kB icache; 4kB dcache

10/100 Ethernet GSE port

Expansion card for additional I/O

VxWorks OS

6U form factor

2 to 3 watt power consumption (configuration dependent)

Capable of subsystem support (multiple devices)