Space Plug-and-Play Avionics (SPA) Solutions

Enabling the Next Generation of Space

Space Plug-and-Play Avionics (SPA) could revolutionize the way spacecraft are designed, developed and integrated. SPA is a key enabling technology to significantly reduce the cost of integration. SPA provides a C&DH and PMAD backbone that allows new components to be added to the spacecraft with little customization.

Design Net’s intimate involvement with the evolution of the SPA standard includes active participation on the standards committee and being key contributors to early implementations including work performed on PnPSat, APT and code contributions to the publicly available Satellite Data Model (SDM) baseline. DNet has developed a suite of SPA-based flight software applications easily customizable to new spacecraft/missions. Additionally, DNet has tools and expertise that allows rapid adaptation of legacy hardware components to a SPA architecture utilizing ASIMs and SPA code generating tools.