Multiple Interface Payload Subsystem (MIPS)

Multiple Interface Payload Subsystem (MIPS)

Integrated Building-Block Solution for Secondary Rideshare Payloads

The Multiple Interface Payload Subsystem (MIPS) contains the fundamental components for communication, data processing, power switching and deployment of secondary payload subsystems. To achieve the MIPS functionality, three of Design Net’s proven avionics functions can be combined in one unit – Telemetry Module, Deployment Subsystem Electronics and Power Switching Electronics. Other specialty functions such as video are also available

Scalable, extendable architecture – supports variety of capabilities – core configuration includes:
Telemetry Module

  • Hardened processor core
  • Supports variety of serial interfaces to launch vehicle
  • Standardized telemetry interface to payload using CCSDS protocol
Deployment Subsystem Electronics

  • Local embedded controller
  • Up to 6 deployment channels
  • Software programmable and Table driven sequencer
Power Switching Electronics

  • Local embedded controller
  • Switches up to 6 channels
  • Current monitoring
In-development: Video board to support deployments

  • Up to 6 cameras per board
  • Programmable JPEG 2000 compression
Two design configurations – short duration & long duration / high reliability
Compact 6U form factor