Modeling and Simulation

Real Time Simulation

Design Net is currently expanding its Space Plug-and-Play Test Bed to incorporate the next generation of SPA hardware components, applications, software and firmware. The updated SPA Test Bed is scheduled for completion by the end of 2012.

Designed Net has worked with several customers to develop real time simulation tools. Some of our experience includes the:

  • AFRL – Simulation, Testing and Support
  • ORS – Flight Software & Standards Test Bed (FSST)
  • SPA Test Bed

Design Net’s Existing SPA Test Bed


Mission and Satellite Design Tool (MSDT)

DNet’s Mission and Satellite Design Tool supports the systems engineer in developing a satellite concept starting at the level of mission objectives. Functional requirements for the satellite as a system are determined and vetted against an inventory of spacecraft component using a rules-based constraint solver that presents suitable options to the user as the design process unfolds. When the requirements are met to the satisfaction of the tool user according to coarse logic, the configuration is exported to integrated high-fidelity tools for more robust analysis using behavioral models of the spacecraft components. Measures of effectiveness are returned to the solver, which associates the observed performance with the tested configuration to improve a mission knowledge base. When a suitable configuration has been determined, the tool exports specification products required to initiate the fabrication process, including a Bill of Materials, Assembly Instructions, a Software Load, and Operational Scripts to support the integration and test process.