Research and Development

Key Focus Areas

The focus of Design Net’s research and development reflects its commitment to the responsive space community, reducing the cost to access space and reducing the cost of operating spacecraft. While our engineers and scientists possess in depth knowledge of many aspects of space our key research and development areas include:

  1. Autonomous Spacecraft Control
  2. Advanced Flight Software
  3. Innovative Energy Management Systems
  4. Advanced Software Algorithms and Applications
  5. Reducing the Cost to Access Space
  6. Mission Support Design Tool

Previous Research Project (Spotlight)

Low Temperature Micro-Gravity Physics Facility

Customer: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Description: Electronics & Software for Low Temperature Microgravity Experiment Facility for International Space Station
Time-frame: Began in 2001, Scheduled delivery in 2006

  • 67 Flight boards and 26 EM units
  • 5 Species, 12 electronics chassis
  • 33 Species, Over 100 harness elements, many with complex shielding requirements
  • Unique “reusable” software architecture, 100k lines code
  • VxWorks AE operating system with facility S/W and Python scripting interface for experiment control