End-to-End System Development

For Avionics and Instrumentation – We provide integrated system and subsystem solutions

  • Strong life cycle systems engineering in spacecraft and avionics design, with powerful simulation tools to validate design choices
  • Engineering for avionics in both hardware and real-time software
  • Leader in Space Plug and Play Avionics (SPA) and software
  • In-situ and remote sensor data handling, control and power
  • Thermal measurement and control
  • Custom electronics design/fabrication (including FPGA, PCBs etc.)
  • Electronics Packaging
  • Space environmental hardening of electronic systems
  • Sensitive analog electronics—interfacing with scientists, capturing requirements and converting to reality
  • Analysis capability:  Thermal, Radiation, FMECA, Structural, Worst Case, Parts Stress, EMC

Research and Development

Key Focus Areas

The focus of Design Net’s research and development reflects its commitment to the responsive space community, reducing the cost to access space and reducing the cost of operating spacecraft. While our engineers and scientists possess in depth knowledge of many aspects of space our key research and development areas include:

  1. Autonomous Spacecraft Control
  2. Advanced Flight Software
  3. Innovative Energy Management Systems
  4. Advanced Software Algorithms and Applications
  5. Reducing the Cost to Access Space
  6. Mission Support Design Tool

Previous Research Project (Spotlight)

Low Temperature Micro-Gravity Physics Facility

Customer: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Description: Electronics & Software for Low Temperature Microgravity Experiment Facility for International Space Station
Time-frame: Began in 2001, Scheduled delivery in 2006

  • 67 Flight boards and 26 EM units
  • 5 Species, 12 electronics chassis
  • 33 Species, Over 100 harness elements, many with complex shielding requirements
  • Unique “reusable” software architecture, 100k lines code
  • VxWorks AE operating system with facility S/W and Python scripting interface for experiment control


Design Net’s manufacturing capability supports both ground and flight instrumentation requirements.  Our engineering and development team are experienced in production of flight hardware and work closely with the manufacturing group through the design process to ensure a seamless transition to manufacturing. This approach allows Design Net to provide cradle to grave support while keeping costs low and the project on schedule.


Design Net maintains the requisite facilities and processes for production and testing of flight rated hardware. We maintain relationships with qualified vendors to perform capital intensive production activities such as printed wiring board assembly (PWBA).

4800 ft2 Lab, 5700 ft2 Office
Clean Room (Mobile)
Bonded Storage
Electronic Assembly Lab
X-Ray Inspection Capability
Environmental Test Chambers
Polymerics Lab
Integration Lab
Cleaning Lab
NASA Approved ESD



Quality Assurance

Because quality is a vital component of mission success; Design Net’s development and manufacturing process is centered around a strong quality assurance system. The company is ISO certified (9001:2008) and is in process of implementing AS9100C. The company has previously passed Harris Corp’s compliance audit (ISO9001:2008 & AS9100C) and qualified vendor for United Launch Alliance for flight systems.

Client Satisfaction

The company has a strong heritage of real-time mission critical system development including flight systems. Our clients include:

United States Air Force
United States Navy
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Northrop Grumman
Ball Aerospace
Space Exploration Technologies
United Launch Alliance