Autonomous Energy Management System (AEMS) for Next Generation Space Missions

Release Date: 4/4/2012

The extreme environment and stringent demands placed upon power sources and energy storage requires detailed and labor-intensive planning for space missions. Significant time is spent by mission planners to work out the daily activities of the space vehicle to assure adequate power/energy margin. Achieving the goals and missions of next generation space vehicles, requires an autonomous, proactive approach for power management. Additionally, the high cost of planning and preparation prohibits full utilization of space resources on-orbit.

Design Net is pleased to announce it was awarded a contract from the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) office to develop a system supporting on-orbit autonomous mission execution. The proposed system manages requests for high-level operations from the ground and translates that into a “mission plan” for the space vehicle. This Power Management and Distribution (PMAD) system referred to as the Autonomous Energy Management Subsystem (AEMS) “learns” the vehicle’s operations as the mission proceeds. The AEMS enables a highly optimized use of system resources without requiring detailed mission planning on the ground.

When combined with a “smart battery,” an emerging set of highly modular energy source and storage components; AMES enables rapid configuration for missions while dramatically reducing the time and cost required by traditional approaches.